Wednesday, January 21, 2009

10 people were hanged in Tehran's Evin prison today, Jan. 21

Iran Human Rights, January 21: Ten men were hanged in Tehran’s Evin prison early this morning reported the Iranian state run enws agency ISCA news.
According to Fars news agency, execution of one man was postponed for one month, since the family of the man he was convicted of murdering, were not present. He watched hanging of the other 10 men before being taken to his cell, said the report.
According to a later report by ISCAnews, those executed today were identified as:
Mehdi (25), Firouz (27), Yadollah (33), Safar Ali (also named Kianoosh) (26), unidentified person convicted of murdering a man called Bakhtiyar, Behrooz (age not given, convicted of a murder in 1992), Majid (age not given), Arash (age not given), Safi (age not given), Wasim (age not given).
Iran Human Rights will come back with more details about today’s executions in Tehran.
Iran Press News